Consider Solo Travelers for Some Quick Wins

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It’s not just singles grabbing some solo adventure time!

So, what exactly is Solo Travel?

The name kind of gives it away, right? Solo travel is simply people seeing the world alone. 

Like so many other trends… solo traveling was around pre-pandemic. 

But now that we are post-pandemic, this trend has taken off. Big time!

Here are the stats to prove it.  

In 2022, 16% of Americans took a solo trip and, in 2024, 27% of Americans (80+ million people) are considering taking a solo trip.

Let’s hit pause here.

There are 80+ million considering taking a solo vacation. That number sounds bananas!! 

Now check this: 

  • Google data shows that post-pandemic solo travel has risen by 761.15%. Not surprisingly, 85% of women 55+ continue to travel solo.

There are two numbers above that are literally melting my head. 

  • The first: Google searches for solo travel have risen by over 750%!
  • The second: 85% of women 55+ continue to travel solo. Let’s go solo women!!

Remember in a past post we talked about finding a niche? If you’re still looking for one – welcome home!

What’s driving the trend? 

People Are Going Solo For A Few Reasons

1/ Pent-up demand. There are a lot of travelers out there with money and with desire. But a good many of ‘em don’t want to wait and coordinate plans with other travelers. Those folks are going.

2/ Forcing oneself to meet new people. Going solo means you’re being pushed from your comfort zone and forced to meet new people. And that’s ok. In fact, data indicates that 54% travel alone because they WANT the challenge. 

3/ Times have changed, and Time is Precious. This type of vacation is more popular than it was a decade ago. That means there’s less stigma attached to traveling alone. Remember when skinny jeans weren’t a thing? Now everyone has a pair…

So, you have three factors driving this trend. Let’s keep going.

Who’s Traveling + Other Essential Data Points

Women! That’s the target. And not by a little. 

According to The Wandering RV, 84% of solo travelers are women.

Additionally, among women who traveled solo last year, 59% stated that they would repeat their trip.

Here are some other pieces of data gold:

  • 72% of American women have taken at least one trip by themselves.
  • One person out of every six people in the United States has taken a vacation alone.
  • Australia is considered the number one destination internationally for individual travel with 71% of solo travelers having visited the country.
  • Instagram posts with the #solotravel hashtag total 9.3 million as of 2024.
  • Only 11% of people who travel alone are not in a relationship.
  • 23% of travelers confirm their destination for a solo trip four months in advance.
  • Only 1% of solo travel happens in July and August, making these the least favorable months for trips.
  • Planning for a solo trip takes three months according to 32% of travelers.
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Consider Solo Travelers for Some Quick Wins 3

Ok, This Is A Thing, But How Do I Make Money With This Niche?

Let me throw some ideas at you. 

1/ Keep hitting your key benefits. You know what they are: 

  • You can save them time. 
  • You can save them money. 
  • You can save them the headaches involved with planning. 
  • You are always there for the person, even if they are a half-a-world away.
  • You can find value adds.

Emphasize your destination expertise and the fact that you’re just a phone call or text away for any tweaks or assistance. Your ability to get the value-adds they can’t get themselves. You know the drill. 

Continually weave these points into your messaging anywhere… and anytime you can. 

2/ Target your messaging.

This is clearly a women-focused space for now. So, make sure your messaging and images all align. 

3/ Push key hot buttons in your messaging.

Go back to why are people going on solo vacations. Then use those points in your copy, on your website, and in your social posts. This will build empathy… that feeling that you understand me. When that happens, sales follow. 

4/ Add on the things to enhance their vacation or reduce concern.

Part of your job as an advisor is to reassure people you’ve got their back. So, suggest guided tours they will enjoy and feel safe going on. Talk over the benefits of travel insurance as an add-on. 

5/ Produce content that focuses on the solo market.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Post about the five best places to travel solo. 
  • The ten best tours to take when traveling solo. 
  • The best ways to stay safe when traveling solo. 
  • Here’s what to do if something goes wrong when you’re away. 
  • “Solo” inspiration, mindfulness posts.
  • The top five reasons why travelers go solo. 
  • The best money-saving tips when traveling solo. 

And if you’ve traveled solo before, I would post YOUR experiences. What do you like about it? What didn’t you like? Establish yourself as an authority. I touched on the importance of authority in the last edition.

Hopefully, these spark other ideas. 

Bottom line: solo traveling is a cool thing, and more and more people are heading out on their own. And with these many travelers, some of them are going to need your help. 

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