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Learn how to ask for maximum results!

Today let’s talk about client reviews. Specifically: 

  • Why you need ‘em.
  • How to get ‘em. 

A Short Breakdown Of Today’s Business Environment

It’s tough out there. No matter what business you are in you’re faced with more competition than ever before. There’s no loyalty. And the customer is more demanding – wanting things done faster and cheaper. 

Like I said – it’s tough. But customer reviews can help – a lot. 

Take a look at some recent stats from Trustpilot.

  • 89% of global consumers check online reviews as part of their buying journey

  • 49% consider positive reviews one of their top three purchase influences

  • 66% of US consumers ranked online reviews as being “the most influential factor in their buying decisions.

I think it’s fair to say, that if you don’t have reviews in your marketing – a new customer may not even consider you.

Read that again because it’s that important. 

No review = less business 🙁

So, let’s focus on how you can start collecting some of these trophies and mounting them on your marketing wall. Here are five tactics for you to use.

Tactics for Getting Reviews

#1 Use The Principle of Reciprocity

In a past edition, I talked about the principle of reciprocity. It’s the idea of doing something nice for someone and they feel the need to do something nice back to you. 


After you have completed work for a customer, send them this email. 

Hi [Name of Person], 

I want to say it was so great working with you and thank you very much for trusting me with your vacation plans.  I wish I had 100 more customers like you!

If you enjoyed the experience, please email me back a couple of sentence review . They mean so much to me and my business. 

Thank you, 

Your Name 

That’s the reciprocity principle in action. Try it out. 

#2 Keep Following Up

People get busy. They forget. Next thing you know, a couple of months have gone by and they can’t even remember being on vacation. 

Don’t give up. Instead, get creative. Send a postcard in the mail. That will stand out because mailboxes aren’t full these days. 

Or leverage moments of happiness. That is – look for their posts on their social platforms and politely find a way to reach out and ask for a review. 

#3 Put Your Reviews In Plain Site

Once you get your reviews, create a wall of love and make sure to show it off. If people see others who have left a review…they are more likely to follow. That’s the principle of social proof in action. 

#4 Offer Up An Incentive 

If your other methods aren’t working try going with an incentive. You don’t have to go crazy with the offer. Think of a cup of coffee or some little treat. 

#5 Reduce Friction – Provide A Template

Every bit of friction you can eliminate increases your chance of getting a review. So, consider providing a template. Your template can and should take different forms. For some you may want to go with a simple star rating…just have them select one. For others you may want to play up a certain issue you helped your client with. For example: 

  • You were so helpful in planning a trip with my parents…
  • You helped us save money and still get everything we wanted…
  • Having you helping us brought such peace of mind in planning and traveling…

You get the idea, right? The key is to mix up your templates, so everything doesn’t sound the same. 

I hope this helps.

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