Magic Words Help You Sell More

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As simple as turning nouns into verbs to get the action you want

We just drove this one off the showroom floor.   So buckle up and get ready to speed up sales! 

Today, we’re going to be continuing with our series on communication with Magic Words!

As an advisor, there are times you need to turn up the persuasion level with a customer to get them to do the things you want them to do. 

One way to achieve this is through the words you use. 

The right words can have a big impact on your outcomes. In his latest book, Magic Words, author Jonah Berger provides study after study on how selecting the right words can impact outcomes. 

Let’s find out more. 

The magic of turning a noun into a verb.

You wouldn’t think adding a couple of letters at the end of a word could really change things very much, would you?  But it does. And there’s research to prove it. 

In 2011, a study was done to increase voter turnout. Researchers sent out communication —  one talked about the importance of voting. 

The other talked about the importance of being a voter. 

Just the addition of the “r” at the end of the word delivered a 15% increase over the test group. 

You see, turning the screw just a bit saw a big gain in results. And what’s even better… it takes no additional dollars to add an “r” to the end of a word. 

But forget about voters and let’s look at a study done with a more difficult group of participants: 5-year-olds. 

As anyone with kids knows… getting them to do well, really anything, can be a challenge. 

In this study, researchers asked a group of kids to help pick up the toys they were playing with. 

Another group was given the same set of instructions with one subtle twist…

Instead of being asked to help, the researchers asked them to become a helper. 

Even with five-year-olds, adding “er” made a big difference. The helpers increased their participation levels by almost a third!

Cool, but how can you use this?

Think about your website or emails to clients:

Are you talking to people who like to travel…or are you engaging with travelers? 

When you reach out to clients and prospects:

Are you talking to them about exploring…or are you talking to them as explorers?

When you ask for referrals:

Are you asking for help? How about asking them to be a helper?

Here are more examples you could use in emails:

  • Lisa, as a mother and a giver, you probably could use some time to refuel and recharge. That’s why I think this retreat has it all for you. 
  • Pat, I know you are a saver, and that’s why I went to extra lengths to find the best pricing I could for you. 
  • Jon, as an adventurer, when I saw this experience, I just had to reach out. 
  • Lisa, could you be a helper and pass along my contact information for anyone looking to travel this year?

Simple examples that can lead to big changes. And at no cost to you. 

So, next time you’re hoping to move your clients in a certain direction… think about using magic words and watch what happens!

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