The Simple, Quick Fix To Overcoming Objections

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Bring them up before your client does!

Hope you have a bucket of water nearby, cuz we’re bringing in fire with this one.

You’re going to get an insight that will change the way you sell. Make you more money. And the best part?

It’s something you can start using today!

Let’s dive in.

If you’re in sales, any kind of sales, you need to know how to overcome objections. And how you handle them holds a lot of weight in the final outcome. Period. End of story.

Those who can do this … close more business, earn more money, travel more themselves, have

better rides. Nicer threads. And a cushier life…

Those who can’t … well, they just aren’t as successful and are definitely ‘less-cushie’. We’ll leave

it there.

So how do you get better at overcoming objections?

You can read books. Watch YouTube videos. Study the masters. That’s all good. And please do

those things.

But if you want a quick fix, you’re going to want to read on.

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The Simple, Quick Fix To Overcoming Objections 4

The Wrong Way to Deal with Objections

Let’s take a common objection: the price is too high. Most advisors get an objection like this and typically deal with it in one of two ways:

1) Back down. A prospect says the price is too high and many advisors immediately go into cut mode. Looking for areas to cut costs so they can bring the price down.

This really undermines your credibility and can lower your confidence.

2) Try and talk their way through the issue. In other words, provide the client with all the logic and reasons for the price of the trip.

The problem with this is: When you are explaining, you’re losing.

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The Simple, Quick Fix To Overcoming Objections 5

There’s a better way and here it is.

Plan for the objection and be ready to bring it up BEFORE the client does.

Look, if you’ve been selling travel, you know the hot buttons and the phrases.

        • The price is too high.

        • I need to think about this.

        • I need to run this past my partner.

        • This trip is different than what I was expecting.

So instead of waiting for the client to raise the objection. You take the lead.


        • Now that I’ve shown you the trip, how are you feeling about the price?

        • There’s a lot here. Do you need some time to think this over?

        • Is this something you need to run past your partner?

        • Is this trip in line with what you were expecting?

By asking questions …  YOU are the one controlling the conversation and directing where it will go.

And you’re also helping your client through the buying process by understanding the things that are on her mind.

Identifying the pain points and bringing them up before your client does is going to put you in control and make you more confident. The result? It’ll help you close more business.

Key Takeaways

  • To close more deals, you need a method for dealing with objections.
  • Understand potential pain points and bring them up before your client does.
  • Ask questions, control the conversation, and guide your clients through the buying process.

That’s it. Start putting this into practice today and see where it goes!

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