What is the Law of 100?

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Bottom Line: Do ‘it’ 100 times before giving up!

Let’s start with a story.  

Not long ago, I was having coffee with a friend of mine who is a successful real estate agent in a nearby town. 

He was telling me that his business was doing well…but wondered how much better he could be doing if he did more on social media. 

As we talked, he told me about his interest in doing videos. But he thought maybe a newsletter would be better. He had recently been on a podcast and talked about starting a podcast with his audience. 

When he asked me for my thoughts – I told him the same thing I’ve told others in the same situation:

Figure out what you like to do. Then do that thing 100 times.

Full disclosure…I didn’t come up with that idea. 

The person who did this is Noah Kagan.

Here’s the 411 on Noah:

  • Worked at Intel 
  • Was the 13th employee at Facebook
  • Head of Marketing for Mint
  • Founder of AppSumo – $100M/per year 
  • Best-selling author of the book: Million Dollar Weekend

In his book, he talks about The Law of 100. 

Here’s what it is: 

Whatever thing you task yourself with, do it 100 times before you even THINK of stopping. 

  • If you’re going to create YouTube videos – create 100 YouTube videos. 
  • If you are going to create a podcast – create 100 episodes. 
  • If you are going to publish a newsletter – publish 100 editions. 

Is 100 a magic number? 

It is not. 

But it’s large enough to test you. And once you start you’ll find there are two outcomes. 

Outcome #1: You give up. 100 is a lot and by the time you hit 10, 16, 32, whatever number – you realize it’s too much work. So you drop it. 

Outcome #2: You figured it out. I didn’t say you made it perfect. Or even that you are getting the kind of results you wanted. But you see progress. You figured out what you need to do to get it done. And, maybe most importantly, you found something you like to do. Heck, you just did 100!

There’s something else that’s cool about creating that many pieces. It’s not subjective. 

You did something 100 times! 

Now, there may be people who like your efforts. There may be people who don’t. That’s all subjective. 

What’s not – is the number of pieces you put out into the world. No one can take that away from you. 

So, as you’re thinking about starting a newsletter, or a podcast, or any new skill you want to learn — remember The Law of 100. 

That’s it for this edition. You want more like this just explore the rest of the blog and share with those in your circle.  

PS:  Here is a link to a 13 min dive into the strategy by Noah himself  

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