About Us


Where it All began

After a decade of running the travel advisor training and engagement platforms for two competitors, Jonathan Cooper went to work conceiving TravPRO Mobile in 2013. By 2014, with two other founding partners from the Netherlands bringing off-the-chart tech skills, TravPRO Mobile was born. 

By 2017 we were being seen as the tech leader in the travel industry for B2B training and enablement. In 2018, we launched Channel PRO Mobile to apply the solutions we created to most any other industry outside of Travel & Hospitality. XpoPRO arrived in 2020 in response to the global shutdown, with a proprietary virtual tradeshow and exhibition forum along with thought leadership, virtual presentations, and networking.

The company has grown steadily since our early days while retaining 90% of all clients from inception — including through the pandemic years. A stat that makes us incredibly proud.


Team of PROs

jonathan e1682535164150

Jonathan Cooper

Founder, Chief Enablement Officer

Morristown, NJ

Loves unwinding with family traveling, fishing, snowboarding, heading to beaches or mountains, and is a long-suffering Mets fan. LFGM!

chris e1682535953751

Chris van Workum


Nijmegen, NL

Enjoys cycling, home automating, and unleashing creativity through the intricate art of origami!

frank e1682535912866

Frank Sillen

EVP & GM, Europe

Nijmegen, NL

Spent a decade as a sponsored free climber throughout the world, and still hold records on ascents throughout Europe!

dean jacobberger

Dean Jacobberger

VP (Very Personable)

Boston, MA

“I was a customer first!” as the Global Travel Trade Director for Visit California back in 2016. I’m proud to say that Visit California is still a client!!


Jessica Messina

VP Production & Client Services

Philadelphia, PA

Was featured in Korean magazine “WITH”, chosen as a top NYC design talent and found herself in the Britney Spears vs N’ Sync edition of Teen People pre-PRO days!

kelly brock 2

Kelly Brock

VP Creative Services

Bernardsville, NJ

A Tourism Brat who grew up in five states and went to five different elementary schools, following my dad’s career in travel & tourism. Wanderlust ever since!

Dane Pennacchi

Dane Pennacchi

Marketing Manager

Chicago, IL

I was one cut away from being a contestant on the cooking show Master Chef!  Now I dice content across social and database marketing campaigns!!

kim uno 2

Kim Uno

Senior Director

Toronto, CA

Loving life, laughter, travel, food and animals, (obsessed with her golden fur baby, Sophie) and cottage country life either snowmobiling trails or jet skiing the lake!

pieter kegel

Pieter Kegel

Lead Native Engineer

Venlo, NL

I love technology and gadgets, especially expanding my smart home system… perhaps to the point where I have gone too far ?!   Nah.

mike van de louw

Mike van de Louw

Software Engineer

Nijmegen, NL

Avid gamer, healthy choices chef and fitness enthusiast while away from coding native apps.. a balanced diet!

jan van hest

Jan van Hest

Back-end Developer

Toronto, CA

A big fan of the maker community and creating things, most recently working with super-minicomputers and 3D printers!

blair saba 3

Blair Saba

Events Director

Philadelphia, PA

I’m a proud SWAT officers’ wife, and love teaching children’s dance classes on weekends!

Imre van Schaijk

Imre van Schaijk

Front-end React Engineer

Oss, NL

Has successfully, in front of many skeptics who are now witnesses, solved a Rubik’s cube completely blindfolded!

Rick Aerts

Rick Aerts

Front-end Web Developer

Tilburg, NL

I managed to ‘bribe’ my way into becoming adopted by the local Jackdaw bird(ing) community!

ansley merritt

Ansley Merritt

Production Manager

Charlotte, NC

I love to cook! And make an ‘outta this word’ southern style chicken pot pie!

ciara ruffalo

Ciara Ruffalo

Senior Production Manager

Charlotte, NC

I love hosting social gatherings so much that I create and sell drinking games for almost any social occasion and celebration. Cheers!

hannah sillen

Hannah Sillen

Web/Native Developer

Nijmegen, NL

I have been on over a dozen safaris throughout Africa starting before I can remember.  Adventure travel is in my DNA!

melvin holt

Melvin Holt

Special Operations Back-end Engineer

Tilburg, NL

Loves discovering new places throughout Europe to motorcycle, and if not, deep diving  new AI/ML technologies in his free time.