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Multimodal Content

Engage all learners from Boomers to GenZ with a continuous flow of content, certificates, and badges.

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Highly Interactive

Amplify satisfaction with immersive maps, gamified quizzes, advisor tips, best practices, achievement tiers, and more


60% Graduate Conversion

Downloadable courses, dynamic web access, TheSOURCE, and behavioral automation drive reliable outcomes.


eLearning Evolved!

Our versatile Learning Management System (LMS) caters to various audiences, including travel advisors, hospitality staff, and new hires.

  • Easy 15-minute modules for quick learning and sharing
  • Detailed reports and personalized learner databases
  • Automated behavioral prompts to convert more graduates
  • Automated prompts for higher graduate conversion
  • Offline training with our mobile app
  • Flat-rate subscription fee for unlimited users and full support


Travel Advisor Training

Our unique, user-friendly LMS outperforms traditional platforms, enhancing learning and doubling graduation rates compared to eLearning.

Experience unmatched continual engagement with our innovative mLearning courseware and discover the benefits of our advanced instructional design and user-centric approach.

  • Full-service creative content production
  • Real-time content management and updates
  • Comprehensive reports; clients retain all enrolled advisor data
  • Marketing and promotion included for North America
  • Marketing and promotion included for North America
  • Iconic Images, Advisor Insights™, video vignettes, and gamified testing


Instructional Design That Delivers

Award-winning content with interactive maps, video, and images inline to tell the best story possible. Stories that are easily remembered and easily retold. MicroLearning modules deliver a wealth of impact in 12 minutes!


microLearning Modules

Microlearning offers bite-sized modules for optimal learner engagement and retention, enhancing the learning experience.

Research shows microlearning improves knowledge transfer by 17% and boosts long-term retention by up to 80%. This approach increases advisor engagement and participation in discussions.

  • Full turnkey creative and production services included
  • 10-minute standalone module hosted within TheSOURCE super-app
  • Comprehensive reports; clients retain all enrolled advisor data
  • Year-round North American marketing and promotion included


Ambassador Programs

Tourism Ambassadors align stakeholders and enhance visitor experiences, benefiting both social impressions and economic growth. Their impact extends to workforce engagement and cost-effective acquisition strategies

Their role in humanizing your brand through authentic local interactions acts as a grassroots marketing force, promoting your destination effectively.

  • Train locals on what it means to be “welcoming”
  • Mobile native apps drive engagement and usage
  • All-inclusive license fee for unlimited users and full support
  • Shareable resources for front-line staff to give visitors
  • Data dashboard for compliance and optimization


We Work With The Best

Our reputation for award-winning content and technology solutions is not just well-established, it’s unparalleled in the industry. It’s why we have a 90% client retention rate with the leading travel and destination brands.


Hear From Our Clients

Visit Orlando

Working with the TravPRO team on our new Orlando Travel Academy has been a truly great experience. They are vested in our success and made the transition from our previous LMS provider very easy. We greatly value their team’s professionalism, technology and high level of service. We look forward to a long and very productive relationship with TravPRO to help Visit Orlando continue to achieve its B2B goals.
Thomas Valley
Sales Director, North America

Cayman islands

The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism (CIDOT) challenged TravPRO Mobile to develop a comprehensive and dynamic travel advisor learning and rewards platform to incentivize and help travel advisors easily discover, promote and sell the Cayman Islands anywhere, anytime. With each step of the way, TravPRO’s strategically assembled team worked closely with CIDOT, guiding our team with a collaborative plan and timeline. The approach was a seamless and tactical combination of industry B2B sector leaders and Cayman Islands destination experts. The platform has proven successful in captivating advisors previously invested in Cayman while providing an easier path towards engaging new advisors who are starting to explore the destination. We’re looking forward to further working with TravPRO as we grow the program together.
Daniel Taugher
National Sales Manager


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